"The Northern Hideaway" - the concept that describes Peetgården in an excellent way. A secluded retreat where the undisturbed community is at its center. Here you find the peace that we all need every now and then. Here you will also find the great food, experiences and the beautiful nature. Perfect conditions for a small business, a management team or a private company that appreciates an authentic historical environment.

Although situated in an undisturbed location between Luleå and Boden, Peetgården is just 20 minutes from large sections of the Norrbotten business community. Moreover, Luleå Airport – with its direct connections to Stockholm and thus the rest of the world – is only a 30-minute drive away. Simply put, the setting is perfect for meetings lasting a single day or several days. As the ‘icing on the cake’, there is an excellent golf course within easy driving distance.


For the business community in the region, Peetgården provides the perfect backdrop for business meetings, board meetings, management team get-togethers and courses. The farm provides visitors from near and far with an excellent opportunity to ‘get away from it all’ – while the unique environment inevitably generates a sense of coming home.

Travel costs, time savings and environmental considerations are just some of the advantages of coming here rather than travelling farther afield in the search for the type of undisturbed location normally to be found in only the remotest of areas.


Regardless of time and place, work takes up a large part of our lives. And it is when the pressure of work is greatest that we most need the opportunity to stand up and step back for a while. Having time and the opportunity to interact in a relaxing setting is becoming more and more important in our everyday lives. At Peetgården, with its unique environment, relaxation is part and parcel of the experience.





Peetgården is a place where people thrive. A place where the emphasis is on well-being and creativity, and where there is time and space for tranquillity. In spite of its location ‘off the beaten track’, the farm is easy to reach.

Accommodation at Peetgården comprises 14 beds divided between five rooms and set in a truly extraordinary environment dating back to the mid-1600s. The rooms and settings have been renovated to a level of which any centre could be proud, and modern technology and conveniences have been tastefully blended into the historical environment. Each room has its own personality, with harmonious and authentic furnishings designed to promote peace and quiet.


Nygården – our pride and joy – was built in 1648, the ‘year of peace’. The building has been lovingly restored, and the original environment with splash-painted, timber-frame walls has been meticulously recreated. Pervious owners ‘cheated’ a bit, fitting the building out with fully tiled bathrooms and a conference section. There are a total of four rooms with toilet/shower, each of a different size and differently appointed, along with a large kitchen and a common room/conference section. There is space for up to 15 people in the conference section, and facilities include broadband connections, a computer projector, whiteboard, etc.


This is where you will find our relaxation department and our ‘wilderness kitchen’, where you have the opportunity to enjoy food prepared over an open fire. The relaxation department features a wonderful sauna and hot tub. The wilderness kitchen has room for 12–14 people. At Torpet, the emphasis is very much on joie de vivre.

Älg+kalv Kiruna.jpg



The meals are a part of the experience at Peetgården, and we make sure to adapt the cuisine to match the wishes and requirements of each individual party. In addition to breakfast, morning coffee and lunch, we offer two different options for dinner. How about cooking dinner yourself over the open fire in Torpet? We provide the ingredients and recipes (as well as a chef, if you like), and the evening’s entertainment is covered. If you would prefer to sit down and enjoy a three- or five-course menu, we offer a magnificent culinary experience in the form of our seasonally adjusted Norrbotten Menu.





At Peetgården – ‘The Northern Hideaway’ – we are big fans of adventure. Nature and the changing of the seasons constitute an ever-present source of new and exciting experiences. The wilderness and some of the finest fishing waters in Northern Europe are within easy reach. We have extensive experience in preparing bespoke solutions, and here are a few suggestions to whet your appetite:

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  • Rafting
  • Canoe/kayak safari
  • Fishing/fly fishing
  • Climbing
  • Multi-sport
  • Golf


  • Snow scooter safari with wilderness lunch
  • Dog sledding with wilderness lunch
  • Ice fishing
  • Snow scooter rides
  • Driving on ice


  • Preparing meals together with the chef
  • Canoe excursion in the immediate vicinity
  • Mushroom & berry picking in the forest

Please do not hesitate to contact us to ask about special events. For additional information, check out our partners’ websites.





Lina Ekström Morin

+46 70 221 46 30

visiting address:

Svampvägen 2, S-961 48 Boden